Hire Me

Why should you hiring me? Here it is what I’m 100% sure to offer to you:

State of the art recording quality

I work @ Hologram Recording Studios, a 200mq recording studio, with 4 rooms and plenty of top quality gear, both audio and guitar speaking. I have a huge variety of guitars and preamps/microphones/amps/cabinets/plugins being 100% sure to satisfy your sound needs.

M️y 15 years of experience as session player, sound engineer and worldwide touring musician

It's been 15 years since I'm in the industry, this means and always expanding experience across all kind of genres. I also usually works with 3+ MLN follower artists and label so I'm pretty into trends, sounds, references and so on.

Tracks ready to be placed on the project

Everything I deliver is ready to be placed inside a project, from the right starting point and with the right sound. I don't like wasting your time.

Mature and unique tracks meeting top industry standards

I'm quite distant from the time of showing off things. My only focus is on your music and on your song, delivering what's best for the track and not what's best for my ego.

Full attention on your needs

I'll pay a lot of attention to your needs and your thoughts about the song. I'll be carefully listening to you and of course I'll tell you my honest point of view if I'd feel something from a different perspective.

My efforts and sensibility to be 100% satisfied of the work

There's no time for me to record something I don't like or something you don't like. We'll set up the terms of the hiring and I'm sure you'll be 100% satisfied.

Choose your favorite way to hire me!