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This is a selection of the songs where I recorded (in most cases) all the guitars.

I'm excited to hear your music!

Do you need guitars recording for your songs?

Are you looking for the best IRs around?

Every year I record a lot of songs, this give me the opportunity to develop the know-how of thinking guitar sounds inside the mix.

Having a great sound by yourself only it’s most of the times something that will create some “integration” problems when placing it in live or studio context, together with a band/ensemble.

That’s why I put my experience at your disposal with my IRs to have concrete, great sounds in the mix.

I have a dedicated online store for my IRs and you can use them in standalone mode (the usual thing) or together with my signature IR Loader named Hailstone, developed in collaboration with F-Audiolabs.

I'M PROUD to ENDORSE these companies